Dear Seniors, Your Prank Stinks

Dear Seniors, Your Prank Stinks

Katie Ann McCarver, Social Media Editor

Controversy has been raised in the past week about stink bombs being set off in the hallway and some sort of stink spray being used on students backpacks. The fact that many seniors have been found responsible for the stink bombs, and the only victims of the stink spray have been underclassmen, has led many to believe that this is the senior prank.

If a group of seniors are indeed responsible for this prank, you all should know that it is out of control. It’s understandable that you want to participate in a senior prank, because it is considered a rite of passage. However, spraying students’ backpacks has gone too far. This action can be considered damage to personal property, especially if said student has an expensive or brand-name backpack such as Vera Bradley.

Rumors have spread that at least seventy-two individual stink bombs were set off throughout the school yesterday, which may very well be true. The effect of these stink bombs is beyond ridiculous. Not only does their smell attach itself to anyone in the vicinity, but sometimes the stink has been so bad that students have been forced to step outside, which can result in their being late to class.

Sources claim that sophomores have been given In-School-Suspension for possession of the stink bombs, which they protest were sold to them by seniors. If you are offered stink bombs by a senior, instead of buying it and encouraging them, please decline and ask them to stop. The stink has been lingering in the hallway for at least two days now, which is simply two days too many. To be honest, many people didn’t even realize the stink was meant to be a prank until yesterday, and all this realization has done is make people start pointing fingers at each other and calling out accusations.

As aforementioned, it is understandable seniors want to participate in a class prank. Yes, it’s tradition, but it’s important to ask yourself, at what point have you gone too far? Instead of targeting the entire student body, who would otherwise be on your side, why not do something with less harm? This is merely a suggestion and something to keep in mind for those of you who may be seniors and planning your own separate prank. Do something that will make students laugh and appreciate, not something they will scoff at and insult. Make it memorable, and something that will make you less of a target for administration to find and discipline.