Defining Confidence

Defining Confidence

Tara Moore, Contributing Writer

For some, high school is a difficult place to be completely happy with oneself. One is constantly surrounded by other people that are convenient comparisons. When one sees someone in the hallway that is, in their opinion, prettier or skinnier, it’s hard not to compare oneself.

“Everyone is different and unique,” junior Emily Cook said. “We can’t change the way we look, so we need to love and accept ourselves, or no one else will.”

Many teens don’t realize that others don’t care about how they look as much as they believe. The imperfections one may see, others don’t. People over think their look regularly. Students are constantly trying to impress others, when in reality, everyone is trying to do the same.

“Do what makes you happy,” junior Leanna Tran said. “If you are content, that’s all that matters.”

Nowadays, the internet has a large influence on people, good and bad. People either put themselves down when seeing a picture of someone prettier, or become motivated to work on themselves.

“At times, I will see a supermodel online and compare her looks to mine, when in reality the model is most likely photo-shopped,” Cook said.

Instead of putting oneself down, students should remind themselves that they are beautiful. Students should remind themselves that they matter, and others’ negative perceptions of them don’t. 

Being confident in oneself is refreshing to others. People that completely love and accept themselves are often the most likable ones.

With that being said, one shouldn’t necessarily care if they are the most popular or likable person, but at the same time, students don’t want to be known as a negative person due to insecurities.

“Don’t ignore what people think of you; keep those things in mind to better yourself,” Tran said.

Confidence does not entail being stuck up or putting others down. Confidence is self-assurance.

“I define confidence as self-love,” senior Janell Diaz said. “It’s having a positive view of oneself without having to bring others down, or without comparing oneself to other people.”

Confidence goes hand in hand with beauty. The more confident and happy a person is, the more beauty radiates from them. The fact that someone can look at themselves every day in the mirror and accept what they see is a motivating and positive thing.

“Confidence is being sure of who you are,” sophomore Bailey Snyder said.