Places to Work over the Summer in the Area

Allison Greiner, Staff Writer


She scoops the ice cream into the large waffle cone and hands it to a customer. Baskin Robbins is a great first-time job. Many teenagers enjoy working there because of the people around them.

“I would advise other teenagers to work at Baskin Robbins because it’s a fun and easy job, and it pays well with the hours you get,” sophomore Olivia Harvard said.

Harvard has been working at Baskin Robbins for about three months. She works 15-17 hours a week, usually in four-hour shift increments.

“Some of my favorite aspects about working at Baskin Robbins is that I get to have fun with my coworkers and eat free samples of ice cream all day, even though that isn’t very healthy,” Harvard said.

Although Harvard doesn’t enjoy dealing with customers who aren’t respectful and kind, she genuinely enjoys her job.

“I enjoy serving ice cream and cleaning the store,” Harvard said.


Junior Ethan Davis laughs as he has a great time with his co-workers while sweeping the floor at Walgreens.

“I would advise other teens to work here because it pays well for a simple job,” Davis said. “Plus, they’re very helpful with scheduling for students.”

Davis has been working at Walgreens for six months. He works anywhere from six to 10 hours a week, depending on his school schedule.

“I generally work the front register and restock shelves,” Davis said. “During my nightly deeds, I take out the trash, sweep the floors and straighten shelves.”

Davis enjoys working with others as a team.

“My favorite part about working at Walgreens is that I get to develop relationships with my co-workers,” Davis said.

Subzero Ice Cream & Yogurt

Sophomores Cristen Jank and PJ Moore joyfully laugh as they scoop ice cream for customers at Subzero.

“I would recommend working here because it’s an easy job, and many people from the school that work here,” Jank said.

Jank has been working at Subzero for about two months, and generally works around 15-20 hours per week, usually in five hour shifts.

“My favorite part about working at Subzero is seeing people’s reaction when it’s their first time eating here,” Jank said.

Jank’s least favorite part about helping out at Subzero is cleaning up for closing; by that point, she’s exhausted and would like to go home.

“At my job, I make ice cream using liquid nitrogen, and clean and prep mix,” Jank said.

Moore has been working there for one month and typically works around 15 hours a week, with four to six hour shifts.

“I take orders, freeze ice cream, run the register and do the dishes,” Moore said.

Moore’s least favorite part about his job for his job is the management. His favorite part is getting to work with his friends.

“My favorite part about working here is my relationship with my coworkers; they make it feel like I’m not even working.”

Subzero is located on Louetta Road in the Vintage. Working at Subzero gives teenagers an opportunity to make money in a friendly environment.

“We’re hiring, so if you’re looking for a job this summer, please apply,” Moore said.