Cat Critics: The House with a Clock in Its Walls


Brooke Ontiveros, Senior Writer

“The House With a Clock on Its Walls” is a child friendly movie with an endearing plot line following the life of a child orphan who moves in with his magical uncle.

Following the trope of the ‘outcast’ kid, the movie shows Lewis, the main character, as the unconventional child in an equally odd household. His new home is alive and maintains a strange attachment to him. Paintings move, words appear on walls, and as he begins his escape, furniture endeavors to stop his exit. Eventually, as it usually happens, he quickly adjusts to his new, magical surroundings and wishes to become a warlock himself. He fully immerses himself into his new reality, only 15 minutes into the film.

The plot thickens quickly when Lewis discovers his uncle smashing the walls in an attempt to find some hidden object, kicking off the real adventure.

Lewis’ eccentric uncle is on a quest to uncover a clock hidden somewhere in the house, which is actually very important in this movie. There was once an evil wizard, named Isaac, who wanted to start an apocalypse to see what would happen after the world zips back to the first second of life and thus created a clock that would eventually tick down to the end of the world. With this plot line, all the tropes have been successfully introduced.

With high stakes and an endearing main character in Lewis, this movie is a refreshing breath of the childishness of our pasts. Nothing about this movie is really that original, since everything is a little predictable, but to watch the journey of an uncommon savior save the world never seems to tire audiences.


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