Cat Critics: A Simple Favor


Brooke Ontiveros, Senior writer

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick costar in the new movie “A Simple Favor.”  

Initially the movie begins building on the theme of motherhood in suburbia. Unenthusiastic parents contrast with the preppy and colorful main character Stephanie to create an unwelcoming environment.

Stephanie, undisturbed by her social faux pas’, continues her high strung life until she meets our other main character Emily.

This girl Emily is undeniably strange. She refuses to be photographed and is extremely aloof. Entertaining herself with self destructive habits, Emily symbolizes the highly successful but unhappy motherly figure.

Somehow Emily and Stephanie strike up a friendship after their children force them to hang out so they can hang out. They, somehow, get so comfortable with each other they begin sharing horrible secrets, or at least Stephanie shares her horrible secrets.

Emily is hiding things, she is hiding so many unbelievable things it gets a little ridiculous. The movie puts three major plot twists to try and compensate for failing to create one perfect one. There is insurance fraud, murder, abusive parents, arson, and incest.

A lot happens in that movie, one third was focused on trying to find Emily, one third was focused on figuring out what Emily is doing, and the last third was a mix of murder and almost murder.

The movie goes one to hundred very fast. It ends with the realization that everyone is a bad person, but not just a white lie type of bad person but a felony type of bad person.

Overall “A Simple Favor” was incredibly enjoyable, not an influential cinematic movie but hardly anything is.

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