Student voices concern over class

Humzah Hassan, Contributing Writer

Physics. This is a class that no one can prepare for emotionally. This is a class that WILL make you change everything you planned for the future. Did you used to understand everything the exact second the teacher mentioned it? Well, that’s been crushed too, so don’t worry. AP Physics is NOT a class where you can just take a nap and still survive the next day. It is a class where even one second of relaxing means you’re completely lost for the rest of the semester.

Fun, right? When I got my first test grade back, I almost did not believe that I got a 45. Yes, humble brag. It was as if my expectations of how low I can let my grades be got kicked in the knee and was repeatedly hit with a bat.  I believed the next test grade I would do better and improve — granted, that never happened — and actually studied for the next test.  After I received an outstanding 50, I eventually realized that we can’t all be winners. The labs were not kind either, requiring spending over five hours on one Skype call until almost 2 a.m. with three other people. Within those horrendous hours, almost 10 people were contacted on how to make a simple graph that our dissolving brains could not comprehend anymore. Thanks to the mercy of our teacher, the labs were the only thing that kept me from getting a 60 as an average. There were times that our group would give up on the lab and hope whatever shape the line was making was close enough to whatever science thing we discussed the previous day. Morale was low, as you can see.

I have to admit, I have thought of dropping this class due to the damage it has caused my GPA, but I have stayed. But people who suffer together somehow learn to accept the responsibility and work that comes with the class. Even though we struggle to comprehend anything when going through the Power-Points and somehow end up talking about some topic that has little to do with physics or even school, we still all decided to stay. Being with all those wonderful people makes physics a bit more bearable — even though I have lost countless hours of sleep due to it. We also have an amazing teacher who spends way too much effort trying to help us understand the mystical science behind physics. Give him a raise.

In conclusion, AP Physics is not a class that should be taken because you think you might “enjoy” the subject. Oh, how wrong you are. There are very few people who actually enjoy physics (kudos to them), but the rest of us do not. Regardless, there are times in every class where you feel like you’re slowly going to melt in a void of work, but that doesn’t mean you should give up trying to succeed. Without WHAP, I would have never learned great note-taking skills and how to ACTUALLY study rather than “kahooting.” Eventually, I’m pretty sure the pain of physics will eventually teach me something that I’ll use in my life, but so far, it’s been an interesting adventure.