Review: Guys and Dolls is “wickedly entertaining”


John Tran

A scene from “Guys and Dolls.”

Avery Lester, Staff Writer

Last night, Wildcat Theatre premiered their latest musical, Frank Loesser’s “Guys and Dolls.” This is the theatre department’s wildest and greatest performance of the year. Not only is it funny and entertaining, it’s also rich with a great story and characters, topped off with wonderfully composed and choreographed music.
“Guys and Dolls” tells the story of two gamblers running an illegal crap game. But these two gamblers, Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit, are romantically involved with an evangelist and a hotbox dancer. Now it’s up to the gamblers to balance their criminal lives with their romantic pursuits.
This is a wickedly entertaining and great experience. The most impressive aspects are the performances and music. Each actor is perfectly cast and has astounding vocal talent. Band and orchestra students also accompanied the singers and they were my favorite aspect of the play. They were marvelous to hear and it’s clear so much passionate hard work and elbow grease went into their musical performance.
The production features a number of massive set pieces. What amazes me is how seamlessly their entrances and exits take play. Not only that, the sets are creative and used to the highest advantage. They all give the scenes so much personality and wonder.
Overall, this is a charming and stunning play. There is an enormous amount of style, talent, and creativity that magically appears on the stage. Guys and Dolls made my day. Maybe it’ll make yours.