Opinion: Candidates delivered final “zingers and blunders” in last debate

Student gives his take on the final presidential debate


Wall Street Journal

President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced off in a heated debate last Thursday.

Avery James Lester, Staff Writer

My favorite parts of the election process are the three debates between the candidates. To me, there’s something so relaxing about watching two people bicker.

Last night’s debate contained a lot of that and a lot of great zingers and blunders.

Right before the debate started I wrote down two predictions: Biden will win the debate and Trump will start off nice but become more belligerent as the debate goes on. My predictions were right.

I won’t go through every single topic discussed or every response from the candidates. Instead, I just want to offer my initial thoughts on many of the night’s strangest and best moments.

Thoughts on Trump’s performance:

Trump is behind in the polls, so a good debate performance, especially one less than two weeks from election day, could help elevate his numbers.

Although it was a much better performance than the first debate, Trump failed to hit at Biden for the most part.

Many of Trump’s answers didn’t seem to make much sense. For example, on the subject of the Green New Deal, Trump uttered a genuinely funny blunder: “Windmills kill all the birds,” he said.

This is just one of my favorite Trump moments from the debate, but there were certainly many more. Trump didn’t do horribly, but he certainly could have had much more energy and spontaneity during discussions with Biden.

Thoughts on Biden’s performance

I think Joe Biden managed to keep his cool and mostly respond with sensical answers. Biden was constantly personal with the viewers at home.

On the subject of Trump’s handling of Covid-19, Biden landed his best quote of the night. “Trump says your families have learned to live with it,” he said. “Your families have learned to die with it.”

When Trump mentioned some of Hunter Biden’s seemingly suspicious Ukrainian entanglements, Biden responded with a touching moment. “This isn’t about our families,” he said while looking at the camera. “It’s about yours.”

And that’s not to say Biden was perfect. He had a genuine head scratcher of a moment when he misspoke and called the far right group the Proud Boys “the poor boys.”

Final Thoughts

In a CNN poll, 53% of voters viewed Biden as the winner, while 39% said Trump won. But this certainly wasn’t an outright loss for Trump. He did defend many things somewhat decently. But I don’t think it was enough to call it a win.

As of writing this, the election is in 9 days. I don’t foresee this debate having much of an impact on voters but we’ll just have to see.