Theatre Review: Greater Tuna is ‘wholesome, entertaining’ comedy


Avery Lester

The cast of “Greater Tuna” stands in front of the audience after the first show.

Avery James Lester, Staff Writer

Imagine a place where conservationists picket with signs saying “Save the Lemurs” and “Save the Slugs.” Picture a town where there are wildly eccentric radio hosts that the whole town tunes in to. Or even a place where the elderly church ladies and hippies coexist. This place is real – it’s called Tuna, Texas.

Last night, Wildcat theatre premiered their comedy “Greater Tuna” to a socially distanced audience. The performance proved to be a success as the crowd was laughing along the entire time.

“Greater Tuna” doesn’t have a single main character or conflict. Instead, it focuses on a collection of stories and characters in the town of Tuna that are sometimes interwoven. Their stories can range from protecting endangered wildlife that doesn’t even live in Texas or trying to drive seemingly deaf elderly women to church.

“Greater Tuna” is a play that needs to nail two things in order to work: comedy and acting. Both of these things are instrumental in creating an immersive experience and thankfully they both exceeded my expectations.

The comedy, which includes an assortment of different styles, is enormously well done and makes for a much better viewing experience. The performances give so much life to each eccentric character.

I was also completely wowed by the technical aspects of the production. For the past two years, I’ve seen nearly every play put on by Wildcat theatre. “Greater Tuna” is one of the most effects-heavy shows of them all. The visuals throughout the play were genuinely stunning and helped strengthen the stage atmosphere.

“Greater Tuna” is a genuinely delightful comedy about the ordinary people of small towns. It is wholesome, entertaining and extremely funny, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Tickets are $10 with shows on November 13, 14, & 16 at 7 p.m. with a 3 p.m. Saturday matinee. Masks are required.