Teacher of the Week- Mrs. Irma Sibert


Emma Laguna

Mrs. Sibert

Hallie Stewart, Staff Writer

The teacher of the week is Mrs. Irma Sibert the FCCLA teacher and Student council director. Sibert has been teaching at Tomball Memorial since its inaugural year in 2011 and is looking forward for the mostly normal school year. When Sibert isn’t teaching, you can find her at the football games supporting our team.

What are you most looking forward to this football season?
“The unity that football brings and school spirit.”

What is your favorite part about football games?
“The vibes and school spirit”.

How often do you go to football games?

“Since this school has opened, I have gone to every football game.”

How are you liking the new stadium?
“Our new stadium is almost like a college stadium. It’s so much bigger, and I like that the stadium is like a colosseum shape so that everyone, regardless of what section your in, you can listen to and enjoy the band.”

What’s your favorite concession stand food?
“The pulled pork sandwich.”

Are you optimistic about this year’s football season?
“Absolutely, I don’t know many of the players, but we’re there to support them no matter what.”