Afternoon Pep-Rally Vs Morning Pep-Rally


Mackenzie Pryor

The varsity cheerleaders rally with the crowd to get them hyped for the game.

Hallie Stewart, Editor

For this survey, I asked 141 people, which consisted of students and teachers alike on their opinion about when we should have a pep-rally. The students who were surveyed were chosen at random and represent an equal number of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Based on the data, a little over 98% of students and teachers favored an afternoon pep-rally over the morning one, meanwhile only 1.4% of students and teachers preferred the morning pep-rally. As the data shows, majority of students and teachers prefer the afternoon pep-rally over the morning one.

Students and teachers voted in favor of the afternoon pep-rally. (Hallie S)