A day in the Life of an Advanced German Student

Hallie Stewart, Editor

For students to get their Foreign language credit, they must take 2 years of Spanish, French, or German. Most students choose to take Spanish, usually, because they already speak it, have taken Spanish 1 in eighth grade, or their friends are in Spanish. French is an additional choice of language at TMHS with a pretty sizable student enrollment. With only a handful of students taking German, we are left to wonder why only a few students choose German as their foreign language. Nevertheless, people still take the class for two years and then seek other electives, but for students like Senior Daniel Julich and Junior Kurt Bauske, German isn’t just a class, but a passion as well.
Senior Daniel Julich has been taking German since his freshman year and even competed at UIL that same year, “I enjoyed my German class and had looked forward to competing in the German UIL my sophomore year, but unfortunately, that was the same year our school year was kinda cut short by Covid,” Julich said. “I chose to do German, not only because my family is German, but also because I think the German language is really interesting, it’s so closely related to English, but at the same time it’s totally different, and that’s what fascinates me.” I want to go into International Relations which would require me to take a foreign language in college. I feel that the German program here will prepare me for college German.” Daniel hopes to one day work abroad in Germany, so that he could put his knowledge of the German language to use.
According to Daniel, there are only 15 students in his class, which comprises both German 3 and German 4 AP. The number of students seems to trickle down once they get their foreign language credit. Junior Kurt Bauske, plans on taking German 4 AP his senior year. “My family is all German, and I felt that it was important for me to learn German to better connect with my German heritage. I’m already pretty good with German to the point where I am practically fluent. I also compete in the UIL, I got 5th in State one year and I usually place 1st or 2nd at the district level.” Kurt said. “My favorite part about the German Program at TMHS is that our teacher, Mrs. Bauske always rewards us by getting us donuts when we get good grades. I enjoy going to the German festivals, especially since I can speak German. I think that more people should join German because it is an easy language to learn, and the culture is very interesting.”