ROTC Takes a Stand

Corey Bryan


Recruit Officer Training Corps has marched straight into Tomball Memorial. Each of the cadets goes through Physical Training every Wednesday. Thursdays are “Uniform Days” which is when all of the cadets in the current class period stand in formation and get reviewed on their appearance and knowledge.

Armed Drill team is a team that uses modifiedSpringfieldrifles to spin and drill while marching and performing routines. Another team known as the Unarmed Drill team uses basic drilling and marching to perform certain routines. The third team is known as color guard, which performs at some of Tomball Memorial’s home games presenting the American andTexasflags while the National Anthem is played. One more team, known as the P.T. team, competes physically with push-ups, sit-ups, pull ups and running. The last, but certainly not least, is Marksmanship, a team that uses pellet rifles to shoot competitively at targets.

Lieutenant Colonel Carlen Charleston and First Sergeant Anthony Randle have both served about 20 years in theUnited StatesMarine Corps. Randle served inoperationDesertShield, Iraqi Freedom and was a drill Instructor.Charlestoncame fromWillowRidgeHigh Schoolin Fort Bend ISD and is the author of the book, “From Baghdad to Being Dad.”

In R.O.T.C. everyone has a say in the unit, from the Battalion Commanding Officer to a private. Students that put more effort into it will be promoted more often.Charlestonsaid, “It’s an outstanding opportunity for new students; the Marine Corps J.R.O.T.C. program provides development in leadership and will benefit students for life.” He said the most important thing for new cadets was to “be motivated.”