Injury On the Field

Maddie Cohen

            Second year quarterback Nick Mathiason has to sit out on the sidelines for Tomball Memorial’s Blue football team, due to injury during a practice.

            A broken foot, broken in two places to be exact, has caused the team’s quarterback to take a break from all the action, and be one of the fans until he is fully well again.

            “There is basically a gap in my bone,” said Mathiason. He described what the doctor had told him after a series of tests on the newly injured left foot.

            This is an unfortunate event for a quarterback especially at this time of the season. Mathiason’s accident took place during a practice. The team was running defensive strategies. “I was running, when my friend Clay landed on my ankle and tried to pull me backwards and my ankle got caught under him,” described Mathiason.

            The quarterback could be out for anywhere from eight to 12 weeks depending on how well the surgery goes. The surgery was scheduled for Friday October 21. He was at the hospital at six a.m, and missed school Friday.

            Mathiason can’t wait be playing again. “This season has been really fun up until this injury. I can’t wait to get back in the spring, after baseball season.” he said. He has been playing baseball for six years and also plays basketball; Mathiason says he enjoys all sports equally, it just depends what’s in season.

            Although he was looking forward to it, Mathiason cannot play basketball this season. The season starts in about five weeks will still not be able to play on his foot.

            Mathiason looks forward to successful and safe seasons to come.