Varsity Volleyball is Playoff Bound

Corey Bryan

The Varsity Lady Wildcats are playoff bound. They battled the Sealy Tigers last night  and advance to the play offs after winning three out of four matches. The  two teams were well matched and the score was close the entire night.

The Wildcats won the first, third, and fourth matches. Wildcat fans filled the bleachers to support the team. The noise was deafening and the enthusiasm outstanding. Willowwood volleyball players, the cross country teams, and a few of our girls basketball team stood on the sideline cheering the athletes on.

Playoff information was unavailable at the time this article was updated. But as soon as the information is available, we’ll add it.

The Lady Wildcats also fought a well-played battle against the Bellville Brahmans on Friday, October 10. “I think they played a really good game. The score was close every time,” said Amier Haidar, who is Layla Haidar’s older brother. Last Friday’s game was fought for the last spot in the playoffs, but there is still one more chance at Tuesday’s game against the Sealy Tigers.

Even though they lost, the Varsity team wouldn’t give it up easy with a tug-o-war game, scoring one after the other. “I thought we played really good, and fought really hard against an older and more experienced team,” said right side hitter Kristen Jeffrey. The game seemed constant and energetic with the Lady Wildcats giving it their all until the final buzzer. The first match ended at 24-26.

With the loss of the first match, the fans still wouldn’t back down, cheering for the varsity team. “I was impressed, several people, including myself were there to cheer the team on which made it even better,” said Sophomore Stevan Nguyen.

After the first match, the team huddled up for a pep talk and then quickly headed back onto the court for a close second match. With Allison Rose keeping the ball off the court and a solid offense and defense, the second match ended at a close 23-25.

With the last match of the game, the varsity volleyball team was still motivated to give it their all. Even with the odds against them, they did not stop until the final buzzer.  The varsity team, even though they lost 20-25 in the third match, still had their heads up high for Tuesday’s game.