Wildcat Silver Falls to Bellville

Devyn Crawford

On Thursday, October 27, the Tomball Memorial Wildcat’s Silver Team went head-to-head in an exciting game against the Bellville Brahma.

The score was held at 0-16 by the end of the first quarter with Bellville leading but within minutes of the second quarter, Trey McIntyre managed to run the ball for a touchdown.  The two point conversion was ran by Matthew Saye, advancing the score to 8-16.

As the fight continued, Bellville scored another touchdown, leaving the score at 8-24 at half-time.

“You cant stand there and wait,” said safety coach Monty Huggins.

Given the players’ full attention, TMHS coaches emptied frustration, as well as encouragement upon the boys.

“As long as you’re putting pressure on them, they won’t be able to do anything,” said offensive line’s Ryan Rust.  “Get the job done.”

The huddle broke with a final message and a hunger for redemption.

“Let’s make something happen,” said defensive line’s Aaron Sandoval.

At the start of the third quarter, Jake Iacoviello recovered the ball at the 18-yard line.  Thanks to the efforts of Iacoviello, Johnston Williams scored the next touchdown, followed by a successful 2-point conversion by Williams, moving the score to 16-24.

The game ended with a 16-38 victory for Bellville but thanks to the exceptional efforts of Joshua Nash, Jake Iacoviello, Johnston Williams, Trey McINtyre, Matthew Saye, Tyler Gouin, Garret Gonzales, and the rest of the Wildcats, TMHS fans and students remain proud of the blue they represent.

“Even when they were down, they tried their best,” said sophomore Erin Chiari.

“We all sat out in the rain for them,” said freshman Samantha Bueno.  “I thought they did really well.”