NFL Player Visits Athletic Department

Clay Jacobs, Contributing Writer

Student athletes at Tomball Memorial High School received a big surprise during their fifth period athletics class on Wednesday February 6, 2013. Kelvin Beachum Jr., an NFL right tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, visited the school and shared his story with the coaching staff and athletes.

Beachum, who graduated with a master’s degree from Southern Methodist University and was a four year starter on the football team, spoke of his upbringing and self-desire to accomplish his dreams.

The six foot three inch, 303 pound offensive lineman gave a powerful message about work ethic.

“You think your work ethic is good, but you can always get better,” Jared Sienkiewich said after listening to Beachum’s speech. “Never become satisfied.”

Beachum stated that although he wasn’t “the guy” on his high school team, his attitude, effort and grades all propelled him to accomplish his dreams.

“I think our athletics work outs are really hard, but when you hear about what an NFL player goes through every day, it makes you think about how much harder you could work,” Aaron Zahn said.

The reason Beachum was able to speak with students at TMHS was due to Monte Huggins, a science teacher and head baseball coach at the school. Huggins had coached Beachum on the football field while at Mexia High School.

“He’s always been the epitome of work ethic,” Huggins said. “He’s been told all his life he couldn’t do something, but never let that stop him.”

Huggins and Beachum built a strong relationship at Mexia and have continued to stay in touch throughout the years.

“He’s like one of my kids,” Huggins said. “I still talk to him at least once a week.”

Giving advice and speaking about not only sports, but life, Kelvin Beachum Jr. gave a new sense of energy to the athletic department at TMHS.

“He had a great message about the harder you work, the more luck you seem to have,” Coach Kevin Webb said. “He was a success story.”