Cats Sweep Cougars in Close Match

Gavin Wallace, Contributing Writer

With only 59 seconds remaining, Patrick Trotter ran onto the soccer field ready to give his all in the last couple moments of the first half. He ran down the field and, after receiving a pass from his teammate, made the most of his small amount of time.  With seven seconds left, he kicked to ball hard on the ground and watched as Tomball’s goalie dove and missed the ball by inches.

On March 19 the Wildcat soccer team faced our rival school Tomball High School in an impressive and evenly matched game. In the entirety of the 80 minute game, the score was only 1 to 0, Tomball Memorial.

One might think that sounds like a boring game, but Damon Merwin, a senior at Tomball High School thought differently. “The crowd was on their feet. It was an exciting game,” said Merwin the night after the game.

The match wouldn’t have been so exciting if it wasn’t for the constant pressure put on by Tomball’s numerous offensive plays that were countered by the Wildcat’s constant defensive strategies.

“We couldn’t have done it without Trevor,” said Trotter two days after the game. With the constant offensive maneuvers coming from the Tomball side of the field, we had to make sure our defense was on their game, and that evening they were said Trotter.

The fact that the all of the players knew each other personally made the competitive feel of the match rise dramatically. “If we didn’t know any of the players on the other team personally, I don’t think we would have played as competitively as we did,” said Trotter.