All He Does is Win

Aiden Gamble

This week senior Josh Williams was awarded Fox 26 News’s ‘Player of the Week’ Award for their Sunday evening show’. The varsity quarterback is said to be a prime example of leadership, responsibly and maturity.

“He brings life to the team,” linebacker Drew Barker said. “He’s a great player and really deserves this award.”

An award such as this gives great notice to a student, something that Williams on the receiving end of after his crowning of Homecoming King.

“We were happy, but not shocked,” Barker said. “When we found out that someone was winning an award, we sort of assumed it was him.”

Williams said that this award gave him a sense of achievement, yet will not be the last thing he hopes to achieve in terms of football.

“This is a great award and I feel really accomplished to have won it,” Williams said. “But I’m still aiming for higher. My goal is first place all district and then go from there.”