Wildcats Swat Down Yellow Jackets


Robert Carlile, Co Editor-in-Chief

Friday, September 4, the Wildcats fought hard to pull out the win against Galena Park’s Yellow Jackets. Both sides of the ball played with intensity for the entire game. Even though the Wildcats made mistakes during the game, ultimately they fought hard and won 42-35.

The first half was filled with back and forth defensive plays from both teams.

“The big defensive plays really changed the momentum, especially the return for a touchdown,” Head Coach and Athletic Coordinator Finis Vanover said. “A scoring defense changes everything.”

In the first quarter the Wildcats intercepted the ball on Galena Park’s first offensive drive with eight minutes left. Then, the Yellow Jackets recovered a fumble and scored within the first minute of the second quarter. At halftime the score showed 21-20 with the Wildcats leading.

The second half held the turning point of the game that lead to the shift in momentum for the boys.

“The pick six by Senior Kyle Chinn was the game changer. After that, the entire momentum changed and the tides turned in our favor,” Senior Caden Pugh said.

Overall both teams played an intense game of football leaving it all out on the field. Each team now sits at a record of 1-1.

The Wildcats will prepare for El Campo next week by correcting some of the small mistakes made last night.

“We’re gonna work on hanging on to the football for sure,” Offensive Coordinator James Debruin said. “Communication as well. We have some issues because it is such a young team, we have to ensure all assignments are being executed on both sides of the ball.”