Bus Breaks Down After Baseball Game in Waller

Bus Breaks Down After Baseball Game in Waller

Belle Briggs , Contributing Writer

After a baseball game in Waller on March 31, the team struggled to return home due to the bus breaking down.

Around 9:30, the bus’s battery died, and it took two hours for a new bus to arrive.

“We didn’t know what was going on until someone took a look at the bus and saw that the battery had died,” baseball coach Charles Hoffman said. “I figured we would be waiting for a long time; it was a long night for all of us.”

The boys were stuck for a while; everyone was exhausted.

“I thought we would have to spend the night there,” baseball player Dylan Bauer said. “I was really tired and ready to go home.”

There was only a bit of panic when the bus first broke down.

“We were really surprised,” Hoffman said. “We didn’t know what was going on, but everyone seemed to remain calm.”

Everyone kept each other busy and played games to pass time.

“A lot of the baseball players listened to music or played games like hide and seek and capture the flag while we were waiting for the new bus,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman told everyone to call or text their parents so they knew where they were.

“I was most concerned about the kids getting home safely,” Hoffman said. “I didn’t want their parents to worry about where they were.”

The baseball players were extremely exhausted when it got late.

“I was really tired after the game,” Bauer said. “Once it started to get late, I was ready to pass out.”

The team got back to school at 12 AM.

“I was relieved when we got back,” Bauer said. “I was just glad to be back.”