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Quarterback and junior Colton Marwill prepares to catch the ball.

Wildcats win second district game against Langham Creek

The Wildcat varsity football team had their second district win of the season on Saturday, beating Langham Creek 49-14.

The first quarter began with a 50-yard pass from quarterback Colton Marwill to wide receiver Logan Kyle. Following this, a 14-yard pass from Marwill to wide receiver Joseph Manjack led to a 3-yard touchdown run from Marwill to running back Richard Rodriguez. The two-point conversion was scored by Reid Baumann. Following this, a 10-yard pass from Marwill to Kyle led to a 2-yard touchdown run from Marwill to Baumann. When the team took possession of the ball again, they scored with a 34-yard punt return for a touchdown scored by defensive back Anthony Jones. The first quarter ended 22-0.

Sanna Apolskis
Football players Tre Jordan and Anthony Jones celebrate after scoring.

The second quarter began with a 10-yard pass from Marwill to Manjack; this led to a 13-yard touchdown run from Marwill to Baumann. A 16-yard run followed by an 11-yard run by Marwill led to a 33-yard touchdown pass from Marwill to Manjack. Langham Creek scored once and the second quarter ended 35-7.

The Wildcats scored once in the third quarter with a 7-yard touchdown run by Manjack and the third quarter ended 42-7.

The Wildcats also scored once in the fourth quarter with an 11-yard pass from Marwill to Manjack followed by a 46-yard run by Rodriguez. Rodriguez then scored with a 3-yard touchdown run and the game ended 49-14.