Cheer flies into new season


Varsity cheerleaders gather at a football game.

Ericka Apolskis, Contributing Writer

Rain or shine, the varsity cheerleaders are always ready to toss someone up in the air for a stunt.
Members of the cheer team do not have any more pep rally performances to practice, but they will still work on stunts for the rest of the year, with their upcoming UIL competition in January.
Even though the stunts in pep rallies and on game days may look easy, cheer works hard to ensure they are perfect on those special days, even though it can sometimes lead to injuries.
“I have never personally been injured,” sophomore cheerleader Savannah Castaneda said. “But I have given a few of my bases concussions.”
Stunts take a lot of time to get perfect; this can mean early mornings and late night practices.
“Cheer does take up a lot of time,” sophomore cheerleader Hayden Gilbert said. “Five days a week every week.”
Pep rallies may entertain the student body, but being in the stunts can be very nerve-racking.
“Pep rallies definitely make me nervous,” Castaneda said. “If you fall everyone pays attention to you falling on the ground and not the stunt dropping.”
Game days are another big event cheer performs at every week. They cheer at football, basketball and volleyball games.
“Game days are so much fun,” Gilbert said. “Especially when it rains, because then we get to dance in the pouring rain.”
Even with all the nerves and the work that gets put into the stunts, they always end up looking exciting to the audience.
“My favorite part of being a flyer is getting thrown in baskets,” Castaneda said. “It looks scary but it is definitely my favorite part.”
The cheer team’s hard work always pays off. They have put on many great pep rally performances throughout the school year and definitely do not go unnoticed.
“Stunts are my favorite part of their performances,” freshman Rachel Bowles said. “They look really cool but scary at the same time.”