Girls varsity soccer kicks off season


John Tran

Junior Alexa Riddle prepares to kick the ball at soccer practice.

Abigail Cannon, Staff Writer

Currently standing at 2-3 overall, the girls of varsity soccer are starting competitions, aiming to do better in districts and make it further in the playoffs.

“We fell a little short last year but I think that we have the ability to beat anyone we want,” junior Alexa Riddle said.

The girls prepare for upcoming games with daily practices. The team received a small break during Christmas but got back on the field as soon as the rules allowed.

The soccer team has also worked toward growing together as teammates and players. They focus heavily on motivating and building each other up. Besides conditioning for games, the girls have also done team bonding to prepare.

“We’ve become very close helping each other on and off the field,” senior Serenity Martinez said.

At the beginning of the season, the team gathered together to mark out achievements and goals for the season and what they can do better compared to last season.

Girls soccer had a game Friday against Cypress Woods.