Senior athlete leaves impact on and off the field


John Tran

Senior Logan Kyle starts in the playoff game against Vista Ridge. “I was excited, hyped and ready to go out and show everyone that we deserved to be there,” Kyle said. He was ready to take home another win for the wildcats.

Breleigh Rose, Contributing Writer

The life behind senior Logan Kyle’s Hudl profile is just as interesting as his skills on the field. Kyle’s love for football, which earned him a full-ride scholarship as a wide receiver to Vanderbilt University, began at the age of 9. In his new journey to college, Kyle plans to play in bigger stadiums while earning a degree in mechanical engineering.
Freshman year, Kyle began playing at a more competitive level. That year, he discovered his passion.
“I knew my ninth grade year that I loved football and wanted to pursue it,” Kyle said.
Kyle made the varsity team his sophomore year. His first game on the varsity team remains his favorite football memory.
“One of the funniest games was my first time playing with varsity,” Kyle said. “I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.”
The more invested Kyle became in the sport, he realized he needed training outside of high school. His family hired a personal trainer who he works with on a private field, on top of working out at a skills gym frequently.
Rice University commit senior Braedon Nutter met Kyle in fifth grade. Over the years, they have developed a unique bond.
“Even though we play different positions, we make each other better,” Nutter said. “Having someone to go through the highs and lows of the recruiting process with was really good.”
Kyle hopes to play for the Houston Texans after he graduates from Vanderbilt University.
“I’m really hoping to make it there, which motivates me to be my best and work for what I want,” Kyle said.
Junior Ty Rose entered the Tomball Memorial football program his sophomore year. Immediately, he and Kyle became close.
“Logan is a team leader who motivates us all to be our best, and has encouraged me as an individual to be a better athlete,” Rose said. “He is a great guy on and off the field.”
When the busy senior is not playing football, he spends his time volunteering at church. He is passionate about serving others and thankful for his coaches and teammates. Now that his high school football experience is over, he has advice for underclassmen.
“I would tell younger athletes to keep working hard, stay focused, and never give up,” Kyle said. “No matter what happens, know where you stand.”