Football tackles modified season, adjusts to regulations


Laurie Carrillo

Varsity football players run through a sign at the start of the first game.

Emma Bice, Staff Writer

Despite COVID challenges, the varsity football team is prepared to tackle the season. In order to have a successful season, the team must follow the preventive guidelines set by the University Interscholastic League (UIL).

“We were unsure about the season when school was pushed back by two weeks,” senior football player Alex Edmondson said. “We thought that it was over before it started.”

A main adjustment made for every sports team is the players can’t share water bottles from the athletic trainers anymore.

“The players have to bring their own water, which many would forget to bring,” head coach Sam Parker said.

Another vital rule is the players must be conscious of their masks.

“When helmets are on, their masks can be off,” Parker said.

The rules were hard for the team to get used to, especially the masks and the six foot social distancing rule for a contact sport.

“During spring camp we couldn’t touch each other,” senior football player John Boehning said. “We were mainly working on conditioning and drills which is very hard to do with a mask on, but we were willing to do it to have a safe season.”

Going into the first game, the team was unsure how the game’s atmosphere would be. But the stands were filled at 50% capacity and high with school spirit.

“Friday’s game was unexpected. When the players saw the filled stands they were immediately ready to show everyone that they were prepared,” Parker said. “The fans are what make football fun and this made the boys excited.”

After winning the first game and figuring out a routine, the football team was prepared for the next game.

“We didn’t know how the first game would go because of all the changes, but after winning we were ready for week two,” Edmondson said.

The seniors took charge this season to make sure the team followed guidelines to ensure a full season.
“Colton Marwill and Joseph Manjack have really stepped up this year to make sure that we are getting on the field,” junior football player Richard Rodriguez said. “This is what makes our team something special.”