Setting a new standard

Freshman becomes first male on the cheer team


Jill Chumley

Freshman cheerleader Evan Flett cheers on the sidelines at a football game.

Emma Bice, Staff Writer

This year, the cheer team has undergone some major changes. The team started going to more competitions, received two new coaches, has a three-cheer team, and for the first time, gained a male cheerleader.

Freshman Evan Flett sees cheerleading as something that anyone can do and hopes he can show others his same viewpoint.

“I did baseball for 5 years, but cheerleading is something that I have always wanted to do,” Flett said.

Flett did many years of tumbling before starting high school and decided to take on cheer once he reached freshman year. Since Flett is the first male cheerleader that the school has had, he hopes to encourage others to do what they love and create a pathway for years to come.

“Cheering on the sidelines is something that I enjoy doing every week,” Flett said. “My friends support me and this has made it easier for me to continue on my cheer journey.”

Many people see cheerleading as a girls’ sport, but the coaches believe Evan will create a new opportunity for the future.

“Coaching Evan has been a wonderful experience because cheerleading is not set for girls only,” head cheer coach Sarah Ellison said. “Hopefully Evan will set a new standard for years coming.”

Having a male on the cheer team does nothing but add another wow factor.

“Cheer is more athletic than what many people perceive it to be and adding a male to the team just gives us more skill and power,” cheer coach Kathleen Gabriel said.

The coaches and cheerleaders hope Flett will help lead the future for others to see that they can do whatever they put their mind to.

“Having Evan on the team has provided a different view for not only the girls on the squad, but the whole school,” coach Gabriel said.