Volleyball secures a spot in playoffs


Katelin Callahan

Volleyball players celebrate after scoring a point.

Ericka Apolskis, Staff Writer

Winning their last district game of the season, the varsity volleyball team narrowly beat Klein Oak in five sets, finishing 15-12 and earning a spot in playoffs.

“It was super exciting,” senior Mckenzie Moore said. “We were all playing our hearts out, because this was our very last chance to make it to the playoffs and we all wanted to win.”

This is volleyball’s third consecutive year making the playoffs in the 6A division, but the first with new head coach Sydney Lynch.

“Winning against Klein Oak was super rewarding,” Lynch said. “And I am ready for whatever playoffs bring.”

In the first round of playoffs the team will face off against Cy Ranch, who was in the team’s previous district, and the team has a 3-3 match record against them.

“I’m nervous but also excited,” freshman Tanner Charron said. “This is my first year making it to the playoffs, and I know this will be a tough game but if we keep our energy up and support each other like in our last match, I think it will be an exciting game.”

With playing in a new district, dealing with COVID restrictions and having no tournaments, this team had a lot of new challenges for their season.

“This season went by fast,” Lynch said. “And with being in a new and very competitive district the girls really stepped up and proved themselves, even with less preparation.”

Despite the difficulties, the team continuously finds ways to support each other with cheers and chants no matter the outcome.

“Whenever we cheer it definitely gets us to play and work together better,” junior Emma Moncur said. “And that is definitely part of the reason we won our last game against Klein Oak and made it a much more exciting game.”

The team finished third in district with seven wins and five losses in district, and 10 wins and eight losses overall. Their first playoff game is Nov. 19 away at Waller High School against Cy Ranch.