“Fire and Ice” Preparations in Full Swing

Teddi Cliett

After all of the tragedy concerning the fires surrounding the Magnolia area, Tomball Memorial is in desperate need of some positive light. That light source will come from our first ever school dance, “The First Annual Home Coming of 2011.” The hallways of TMHS are scattered with bouquets of flowers and the question many are anxious to hear, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

Even though students are addressing the fall dance as ‘homecoming’, technically, it is a ‘new coming’, and all things new must have a beginning.  The birthplace of all dances starts with a theme. The Student Council Advisory Board decided that rather than deciding a theme by themselves, they would open it up to the student body of Tomball Memorial. Students voted through the Tomball Memorial Traditions page on Facebook and settled on the theme ‘Fire and Ice.’

Ticket information has been released. Couple’s tickets will be sold for $25.00 and a single ticket will be sold for $15.00 at lunch everyday next week. Student Council will be selling tickets at the door of the dance for $25.00 each.

Student Council is in charge of everything from deciding the lighting, table cloth colors, decorating the cafeteria before 8:00 p.m. and cleaning up after 11:00 p.m. Student Council has requested that if you have any items such as tables, chairs, lights, or decorative pieces that you would be willing to donate, it would be appreciated.

The advisory board apologizes for everything being so rushed and not having much time to plan, but everyone is trying to make the most of it. Even though TMHS is keeping many homecoming traditions alive such as mums, garters, the spirit week leading up to Saturday, September 24th, and a football game on the night before, students have a huge opportunity to start their own traditions.

The spirit week will begin on Monday, September 19th with ‘Sports Day,’ Tuesday will be ‘Hillbilly Day,’ Wednesday will be ‘Nerd Day,’ and Friday will be Tomball Memorial’s ‘Blue Out Tour.’ Students are reminded to stay modest; the general outline of dress code will be in effect.

Freshman Christine Lansberry tells me what her freshman class is looking forward to at their very first high school dance. “Let’s see…good music. Oh, and I don’t want them [the staff] to be too strict. I want to be able to slow dance with someone without getting torn apart.” When asked what he expects of the ‘Newcoming’, sophomore Zach Wagner replies, “I hope it will be a fun mix of last years homecoming and maybe something new added to it to revolutionize it our way…Make it our own.”

All three of Tomball Memorial’s football teams will be fighting for a win on the Friday before the dance, September 23rd. Although this isn’t really a picturesque “homecoming Friday night football game” it will be hosted at our TISD stadium behindTomballHigh School. The TMHS White Squad will be playing from 4:30-6:30, Silver Squad will be playing from 6:00-8:00, and the Blue Squad will be playing from 7:30-9:30. All three teams will be competing against Georgetown Eastview.

The date is set. Saturday, September 24th, from 8:00pm to 11:00pm in the cafeteria ofTomballMemorialHigh School. Mrs. Greenstreet, librarian and student council sponsor tells me, “We don’t have any traditions in place. This is it. We make our own traditions.”