Spirit Weeks Begins with Sports Day

Kate Phillips

Once a year, students get the opportunity to dress according to themes in the name of school spirit. Homecoming is around the corner, but Spirit Week is already here.

Today is ‘Team Day/Hat Day’, and whether they’re wearing a hat or a jersey, many students are showing not just their team spirit, but their school spirit.

Lots of students are hyped up for the rest of Spirit Week, but many students are disappointed about the lack of days voted for on the Student Council run ‘TMHS Traditions’ page, such as a ‘Pajama Day’ or ‘Harry Potter Day’.

“I really like Spirit Week, but there should have been a Pajama Day,” said Elizabeth Michuka.

Spirit Week isn’t just about dressing up. The point of Spirit Week is to get everybody in the right mindset for the first annual Homecoming Dance, coming up on September 24. However, even if students aren’t excited because of the Homecoming Dance, the majority of students are still excited about the opportunity to dress up, and just enjoy the novelty of doing so with their friends.

“It lets people express themselves, and it’s really cool to see what teams everyone likes,” said Megan Brown.