Sixteen and Set Free

Maddie Cohen

Long hours in drivers ed classes, the first time nerves behind the wheel, and the anticipation awaiting his birthday was all worth it for sophomore Brody Gamber. Finally, after months of preparation and waiting, he is face to face with every young teenager’s dream: getting your divers license.

 Gamber turned 16 years old on September seventh, just a few short weeks ago. He is going to officially get his license this Friday, October seventh. But being able to get his license wasn’t just waiting until his 16th birthday and strolling over to the DPS office and picking up the fresh off the printer pictured ID. It was a process. That process began with  behind the wheel lessons with his father.

“The roads were icy that day,” Gamber describes the first time he really ever drove. “I was taking off from a stop light and the car spun out. I was so scared.” For a new driver, this first experience could have been fatal. Luckily, Gamber’s father was able to direct his son to gain control of the car safely, before anyone was injured.

From his first experience of real life driving, Gamber began drivers ed classes at Sears at Willowbrook.

 “For me, it was awesome. The instructor was hilarious. He told stories while he was teaching, so it didn’t even feel like drivers ed. I actually looked forward to going every night,” Gamber said. He noted about how lucky he was that drivers ed was so enjoyable for him, because so many other teens his age have said how tedious and unexciting it was.

Gamber’s dream car would be a Ferrari 458 or a 2012 Dodge Viper. He says that if he was ever able to afford either car, he would love to own one. But until that day comes, Gamber is driving the family’s Chevy Silverado truck.

“The best thing about driving is being able to get someplace fast,” Brody said. When asked what the worst part about driving was, he said driving for too long of a time. “Your butt starts to hurt,” he said.

The last step to getting his license is going to the DPS office. When he received his learning permit, Gamber had to wait in line for three hours. He hopes that the trip to the DPS will go much quicker and more smoothly this Friday.