Craft’s classes celebrate world population record

Kate Phillips

All over the news websites and scattered across various television channels is the astounding fact that our world population has reached 7 billion. Daniel Craft, world geography teacher celebrated it yesterday with his classes.

Fifth period may have gotten to count up to the seven billionth baby born, but sixth period celebrated in a more unique way; on the ground, each of the students formed the phrase ‘7 billion’ before posing for a picture in front of a sign made by each of Craft’s class periods.

Despite the class period prediction’s dissonance with the actual time of the seven billionth baby’s birth, the timing for the World Geography classes meshed fairly well.

“We’ve been talking about this for a really long time,” said Ashley O’Donnell. “It’s pretty cool that we got to do all this.”

Currently, the 9th graders have been learning about things such as world population, death rate, infant mortality rate, and so on.

“We learned about how to calculate the population growth rate,” said Rebecca Stewart, freshman.

Craft is celebrating this with his classes, not just because of its relevance to World Geography.

“There are so many things to celebrate,” said Craft. “There’s the humanitarian aspect—better medicine, longer life-span, less war, and lower infant mortality. Of course you have the negative aspect too, such as higher crime rate, higher rates of unemployment, and the general overpopulation. But either way, reaching seven billion people is a hallmark.”