Wearing School Spirit on Your Sleeve

Devin White

Letterman jackets aren’t just for warmth, they represent your hard work, show school spirit, and they just look awesome.

Most organizations, like sports, require that you make a varsity team or extracurricular activities, like band and drill team, run on a point season where you must earn a certain number of points by volunteering and participating in competitions.

The Tomball Memorial letterman jackets have a blue jacket with gray leather sleeves and gray ribbed pockets in a co-ed style. “They’re awesome,” said Mr. Unruh. The jackets come with a Wildcat patch and with the Tomball Memorial logo on the left side of the chest. The design was chosen by a committee of administrative staff, teachers, and other students and staff.

There may only be one body style for boys and girls, but students can accessorize it to look anyway they want. “Students can personalize their jackets,” said Unruh, “they can put their name on it and purchase patches for their jacket to represent what they do in and around school.”

Though students ordered  jackets before Christmas break, no one has a jacket yet. “There was a problem with the logistics and design of the jacket in which Mrs. Houston has spent countless hours to design and make perfect,” said Unruh, “but the jackets are almost here. You should start seeing them by the end of February and beginning of March.”

Although most students wear their letterman jacket from the school in which they attend, some students wear letterman jackets from other schools. “I would like for all Wildcats to be loyal to TMHS,” said Unruh. “Unfortunately in this day and age, loyalty isn’t what it was when I was in high school.”

There are a handful of students that lettered at Tomball High School who will be getting their jackets the same time as TMHS students. “Even though I’m at TMHS,” said Vanessa Craige, “I lettered at Tomball High School and I would rather wear the letterman jacket from the school I lettered at.”

Volleyball and cross country athletes will be the first to receive their letterman jackets.


UPDATE: On Friday, March 24, volleyball and cross country students received their letterman jackets. In addition, three theatre students received theirs as well. Students in other electives will get their letterman on a date to be determined; if not in May, then for sure in the autumn.