Entertainment to Be Watched All Week Long


Devin White

It could be a Monday night or a Thursday night; you can always catch a good TV show. Comedies, Drama’s, Sitcoms, Game Shows or Reality TV; there’s always something on 24/7 to amuse you.

Monday: It’s the first day of the week, you’ve had a long day and you just want to come home and relax while you watch some TV. What’s good? Monday can be known as Drama day on TV. Shows from Pretty Little Liars to Dancing with the Stars to CSI are some of many shows to come on. “I love watching Pretty Little Liars,” said Hannah McDonald, “ever since it first came on I’ve been hooked. Now that it’s off until summer, I feel as if my Mondays got a little more boring.”

Tuesday:  About anything and everything comes on TV on Tuesday nights. Tosh.0, Biggest Loser, Ringer, Last Man Standing and 90210 are only just a few of the many shows that take the evening time slots on Tuesday’s. “Oh my gosh, Ringer and 90210 are my favorite shows,” said Chelsea Maldonado, “I would never miss watching them on Tuesday nights.”

Wednesday: Looking for some good comedy shows to watch? Well Wednesday is your night. South Park, The B**** in Apartment 23, Modern Family, Suburgatory, The Middle, Workaholics and Ugly Americans are some of the funniest TV shows to ever appear on TV. They’re sure to have you laughing until the next morning. “Comedy shows are where it’s at,” said Danny Rivera, “if the show doesn’t make me laugh, I’ll most likely change the channel.”

Thursday: It’s the nights of TV series that always leave people with a cliffhanger and are sure to pack a punch with action and drama. Whether it’s about a crazy hospital in Seattle, or a bunch of drunken adults in a beach house on the shore of New Jersey, they’re sure to leave you shocked.

Friday and Saturday: Not much of anything new comes on TV towards the end of the week. Mainly you can find old TV shows, movies and reruns on about any channel. “Old TV shows are my favorite,” said Rebecca Flinn, “you can never beat watching a good old episode of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.”

Sunday: Today is the day to kick back, enjoy family and of course watch some sports. All day you can find anything from football to soccer games on sports channels year round. “I love watching the Chicago Bulls playing every week,” said Jiel Taras,”they’re my favorite basketball team.” Or if you’re not the sports type, you can catch a good laugh with the Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad and the Cleveland Show on Fox, or maybe any of the Real Housewives shows.