Vote Master Chief

Aiden Gamble

November 6, 2012. The most important date of the year. The date that every college bound young adult has waited for since their coming of age. Something that most people serious about have awaited for since their parents kicked them out of the house.

No, not the election- the release of Halo 4.

It’s the beginning of everything new for Halo. New developers, new game modes and of course, the return of the video game god, Master Chief. This release has been highly anticipated since the release of its predecessor Halo:  in 2011; however, during Comic Con the creators announced that 4’s development was finished.

Fans praised.

Gamer galore, the first person shooter puts on a different face from its predecessors and focuses more on a discovery appeal rather than the stereotypical bang-bang-kill-kill aspect of intergalactic shooters.

However, as the release date coincides with the date of the presidential election, a ripple of fear has expanded through the American populace. Will the release of this game mess with our election results? Will young voters want to skip the election to wait in the release lines?

Will the neon yellow tents be outside of Gamestop or Target instead of outside the polls?

And the most important question of all: Will the nation get stuck with a President because the youth wanted to stay home and shoot Prometheans with a new Sniper Rifle System 99-Series 5 Anti-Matériel?

Junior Daniel Cartwright doesn’t think so. He believes that though this game is highly anticipated, nothing will change in the elections outcome.

“Despite new improvements made in Halo 4, it’s still just another Halo game. Nothing ‘revolutionary’ about it,” said Cartwright. “Sure, there are some new features and characters but it’s virtually the same thing.”

A paraphrased answer: No way. America’s youth have been known to do some ‘OH GOD, YOLO, INSANITY’ things, but in the long run, Halo’s important, but not important enough to everyone to override the duty one has to the nation.

Besides, if a bad president gets elected, the nation could go down the drain and then there’d be no more Halo to enjoy.

And who wants that?