One Student’s Insta-fame

Kaylee Starks, Contributing Writer

With over 4 million active users, Instagram is one of the top social media apps out there.  Only few users are considered “insta-famous,” having 5,000 followers or more.  One student at Tomball Memorial, Jett Johnson, has achieved “insta-fame.”  With more than 8,500 followers, Jett has users from all over the world liking and commenting on his photos.  But instead of posting pictures of sunsets, Starbucks cups, or photo a day challenges like the other 80% of Instagram users, Jett posts his photography.  Mostly portraits, and sometimes of himself, Jett likes to portray emotion through his photographs.

Jett Johnson, a junior at Tomball Memorial and the captain of the varsity swim team, first got into photography his freshman year, after being asked by his sister to take photos for Facebook.  “Once I saw how the pictures turned out, I liked how they looked and I was really interested in how I could make them better,” said Jett.  Although he has never taken a real class, Jett has learned a lot from watching YouTube videos and studying other’s work, developing his own style.

Brooke Shaden is one photographer in particular that influenced his work.  “Her photos are strange and confusing.  They make me wonder what is going on inside his head,” said Jett.

Wanting more exposure and feedback from other photographers, Jett decided to put some of his work on Instagram, not expecting to have so many people admiring his photographs.   When it did take off, many comments and encouraging words came in from people he had never even met.  One admirer even made Jett a fan page, telling him how much he has inspired them.  Jett knows the kid who put the fan page together, “I think it’s cool that my photos have inspired someone, and I have inspired them to get better at their own photography.”