A new way to serve our community

Everyone knows that colleges like to see community service on applications, but not everyone knows how to get it. Many organizations in the school get community service hours through volunteer work, but not every student participates in one of those organizations. Soon that will no longer be a problem because Tomball Memorial is getting its own community service club, Serving Our Community (or SOC).

Needing to gain approval from Mrs. Houston, a group of juniors have taken part in the long process of starting a club. From filling out paperwork to finding a sponsor and recruiting members, it hasn’t been an easy task but it’s finally almost complete.

Anyone that wants to join may; the only requirement as of right now is that any member of the club takes part in volunteer activities s and a certain amount of hours within the club.

Officer positions will be open for people to apply for after approval, all open ones being vice president, secretary, treasurer, historian, parliamentarian, and reporter. There will also be committee chairs consisting of community service chair, spirit chair, and environment chair.

There will be two co-sponsors; Coach Eckerman and Mr. Craft. The dates for meetings will be decided upon after approval from Mrs. Houston. Officers will be required to attend every meeting.

This club will be a great way not only to gain community service hours for job and college applications, but also a great way to make a difference in Tomball. From volunteering at local charities to participating in service projects, there is no limit to the difference that can be made.

The club may become official as soon as next week but there is a chance it could be later. All fingers crossed that Mrs. Houston approves all of the paperwork.

For more information or to obtain a permission slip contact one of the following people: Michelle Nguyen, Tori Pantalion, Mr. Craft. Or Coach Eckerman