Inexperience at it’s Finest

Robert Carlile, Contributing writer

The day a teenager turns 16 is a day of freedom, the day a teen is able to drive alone. However, most teens forget the responsibilities that also come with that freedom.

Tomball Memorial High school is a thriving place of learning, filled with athletes, musicians and scholars. A common denominator between teens is at one point, they all start driving to school.

“This year it increased to nearly 500 student drivers,” said Daniel Ramsey student lot guard. “Every Thursday the D.P.S gives their driving tests, and it really shows in the inexperienced.”

Every day according to up to 18,000 accidents occur each day throughout the U.S., the number one cause being distracted driving, such as texting.

“The problem with teenagers, is we all feel like were invincible. We don’t think it can actually happen to us,” said Devin Savoie junior at TMHS.

Teen-agers are terrible for taking little responsibility for the things they do. Behind the wheel it can potentially be fatal.

On November fourth, an accident between two drivers happened in the student athletic parking lot.

“The accident had to do with a distracted driver,” said Mr. David Unruh AP of TMHS.

Too often students are texting, putting on make-up, or something simple as looking at the time. It all can lead to a second of distraction; all it takes is one fatal mistake to end it all.
This can happen a lot inside our own school, in our parking lots and along our roads that border our schools.

“Students for the most part, do a great job adhering to the policies,” said Unruh.

“If you base it on the amount of wrecks, yes, the students do a good job of staying safe, but it’s hard to control on what they do,” said Ramsey.

Teen drivers will follow rules, but behind a turned back, it’s hard for anyone to control a teenager.
Our administration, along with the help of our school officer and parent teacher association, applied to precinct four to have road regulating signs put out around our school.

“I’ve already seen improvement with the signs. Students and parents have noticed them and slowed down,” said Ramsey.
Certainly the students who drive the roads and park inside the lots will have a different view on these signs and regulations, just like any other rule through the school.

“I think the new stop signs will help for the most part, but the speed limit signs will just be ignored, and that’s the truth,” said Savoie.

“I think the school was trying to do a good job by putting up the sings, but I don’t think they took into play the amount of traffic these new stop signs would add,” said Junior Dylan Clark.

The administration will always be enforcing new codes and rules to keep students safe inside and out.
Hopefully the new road regulations will keep our high school safer for the student drivers. In hopes of making a mistake, turned fatal.