Fellowship of the Prayer Ring

Aiden Gamble

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (stylized as  FCA)  is a student led Christian organization that occurs on TMHS campus at least once a week. Student borne and run, Christians find themselves surrounded by fellow Christians of which they can relate too on both a social and spiritual level.

“FCA is a place where I can minister to my fellow classmates,” senior Kelsey Lambert said. “But it’s also a great time for us leaders to come together and talk and figure out what we can do and how we can pray for one another.”

The Fellowship began during the freshman years of senior athletes Allyson Zuhlke and Kelsey Lambert at THS and once they crossed over to TMHS, they decided to carry that tradition on.

“We were really involved at THS,” Zuhlke said. “So we wanted to carry it on over here. Really, we just wanted to have a place where we could all come together and praise God.”

Three years later, Zulhke, Lambert and other original founders find themselves  not only seniors, but also the organization they cherish remaining strong and helping to unite Wildcats with Christ.

“We’re here to help spread the word about Jesus,” senior and huddle leader Melissa Goncalves said. “Especially to the people who need to hear it the most. “

Though Goncalves moved here once FCA had already begun, she said that being a member of the Fellowship has helped to make her faith stronger.

“FCA has helped me really grow more in-tuned with my faith since fellowship is something the Bible says is so important,” Goncalves said. “ But it’s also helped me become more involved in the school.”

Lambert also shares the same opinion.

“For me FCA is really a place where I can minister to my fellow classmates and for me and the other leaders come together to talk about our faith,” Lambert said. “We talk with one another and really discuss how we can be praying for one another.”

Through the work of huddle leaders such as Goncalves, Zulhke and Lambert (as well as fellow seniors Laney Carver, Geoff Beckham, Stevan Ngyuen, Eman Rouston, Reis Seggebruch and Kyle Larsen), students can find someone who sympathizes with their beliefs and enjoy meetings of fellowship, faith and fun.  Their most recent event was a huge success according to Goncalves and it is for that reason that Zuhlke believes that the organization is here to stay.

“I think what we started will last and leave a lasting impression on those around us,” Zuhlke said. “It helps to strengthen faith as well as teach people, myself included, how to go out and spread the word of God.”


FCA meets every Tuesday in the small gym. Meetings begin at 7:15 am and all students are allowed, regardless of if they play a sport or not.