The Teachings of Life

She taught for 15 years in the Tomball school district, before that she worked at M.D. Anderson where she was a doctor who taught post med school students. She has a lasting impact on her co-workers and students, an impact which will forever remain in the halls of TMHS.

Zagryn has established a lasting impression on everyone she has come in contact with in the past 15 years that she has been in the TISD school system.

This year, Susan Zagryn is retiring from the halls of TMHS. She may not be teaching at TMHS, but her teaching in her students will always remain here at our school.

“It’s time that I retire. I have a lot of time to spend with my grandkids,”Zagryn said.

But that wasn’t her main reason for retiring this year.

“One big reason is that I wanted to see the freshman that started at THS graduate this year,” Zagryn said.

Zagryn has taught students of nearly all ages and experience levels. From teaching her fellow staff, to the incoming doctors at M.D. Anderson, and most importantly her students.

”I don’t know if I’ll be missed, I sure hope I will be, but I know the thing I will miss most is the kids that I teach,” Zagryn said.

Zagryn has not just been a teacher with her students though also been able to teach her coworkers at THS and TMHS. When questions needed answers Zagryn was able to provide them.

“She has always been eager to teach students, it’s incredible,” Physics teacher James Thompson said.

“Zagryn has always been an expert at what she does, it’s awesome having her on the staff, it’s as if we have an expert in the building 24/7,” Science Teacher Brian Bean said.

Zagryn is leaving TMHS this year, but the long lasting effect that she has put on her students and fellow staff members will always precede her.

Susan Zagryn wasn’t just a teacher of science, she taught the importance of life.

“I just want students to walk away knowing how complex life is, and yet every day we still manage to keep going,” Zagryn said.