Canada O’ Canada

Robert Carlile, Junior Editor-in-Chief

 The great white north, nearly two thousand miles away from the lone star state, is a place one of our fellow Wildcats calls home. Being so far away from family and loved ones, has made school very difficult.

Mackenzie Whitmore is a senior at TMHS who lived in Canada for nearly 16 years before she moved south to the state of Texas.

“I moved to Texas to live with my aunt because I was tired of Canada and wanted to try something new for a change,” Whitmore said.

Adapting to the changes of Texas wasn’t going to happen over night.

“I could list tons of things that are different between Texas and Canada. However, the biggest thing was the culture, the dress, the accents. It wasn’t easy getting used to,” said Whitmore.

At first, when Whitmore moved to Tomball, she was able to make friends at TMHS.

“Many people were fascinated at the fact I was from Canada. People would ask me questions all the time, but after that mysteriousness left, making friendships was harder,” said Whitmore.

Closest to Mackenzie Whitmore, are sophomores Madison Meekins and Brittany Forsyth who both met her when she first moved from Canada.

“We met during softball season that year, during that time was when we became really close with Mackenzie,” said Meekins.

Mackenzie Whitmore is known by her friends as the sweetest person you could possibly meet.

“Mackenzie is the nicest person I have ever met, she’s so sweet,” said Forsyth. “Yeah it’s crazy, it’s almost impossible for her to be mean to anyone,” said Meekins.

Whitmore, a senior at TMHS, will be graduating this year and will be returning home to Canada to be with family permanently once again.

“I’m going to miss Texas a lot when I go home. For one I’ll miss the warm weather,” said Whitmore jokingly. “Most importantly, I’ll miss the friends I’ve made in my time in Texas.”

Whitmore may be leaving Texas in her past, but she will always leave pieces back in the Lone Star State.

“I’m going to miss Mackenzie like crazy. She’s my sister, and I will always remember her,” said Meekins.