Five Thousand Miles From Home

Megan Scott and Abbey Seveney, Contributing Writers

Most teenagers would never have the courage to move 4,882 miles away from their family and friends, but 15 year old Pauline Beuschlein did. Beuschlein was born in Munich, Germany, although she lived in America when she was two and three, which made her want to return when she discovered the foreign exchange program.

Although Beuschlein misses her own family, she has a host family which she lives with currently. Her host parents are a young couple with two young daughters as well Pauline and five dogs. So far she has enjoyed living in the United States.

It wasn’t hard for Pauline to make friends, she loves how nice everyone has been to her.

“Americans are more social and welcoming than Germans,” said Beuschlein.

She also loves the variety of extracurricular activities offered here at Memorial.

In Germany it isn’t popular for schools to have extracurriculars, so she is excited and plans to join the cooking club this year.

She especially enjoys the football games seeing as schools in Germany don’t have school sports teams. Although soccer is extremely popular in Germany, Pauline enjoys football more.

“Everyone in Germany loves soccer, but I hate it,” said Beuschlein.

There are also major differences in academics between Texas and Germany. To start,  algebra and chemistry were not required in Germany, and she is taking both now that she is at Memorial. Also, foreign languages are offered as early as the first grade in German schools.

Another reason Beuschlein wanted to come to America is to improve her English. Beuschlein speaks German, English, and French. She can also read and write in Latin.

In Germany driving isn’t a normal routine for most people.

Most people ride the train to get wherever they need to go, so owning a driver’s license is rare.  But, in the United States getting your drivers license when you turn 16 is an exciting achievement, and she looks forward to taking Driver’s Ed and getting her license.

Although she’s only been here for a couple of weeks and is only here in Tomball for ten months, Beuschlein has enjoyed her experience and is considering moving to America permanently when she is older.