Planning a Great Spring Break

Planning a Great Spring Break

Alec Labbe and Ashton Townley

Over Spring Break teens will be doing a variety of things, though some people have nothing to do. Here are some things for those people.

No money, no ride:

  1. Find a fun new recipe on Pinterest, talk mom into buying the ingredients and make dinner.
  2. Make or take Buzzfeed quizzes.
  3. Make some popcorn and have a netflix marathon with friends.
  4. Make a YouTube video with friends.
  5. Organize a water balloon fight with your friends.

Twenty dollars, and a ride:

  1. Call some friends and go to the movies.
  2. Go to the skating rink, bowling, or an arcade.
  3. Go to Michael’s and get some art supplies for a trendy DIY.
  4. Go out and eat with friends.
  5. Buy food and go on a picnic.

Unlimited money, and a ride to anywhere:

  1. Go to Galveston Beach or Pleasure Pier.
  2. Go to Lake Livingston.
  3. Go paintballing or laser tagging.
  4. Go to Galleria and shop until you drop.
  5. Go to Top Golf.