Students Sweep at Science Olympiad

Ryan James, Staff Writer

Last week the Science Olympiad members competed at the regional competition.  They returned with many rewards and they are as follows.

In Anatomy and Physiology, Jennifer Ho and Samantha Yung returned first place.

In Astronomy, Alex Ho and Jonathan Lephuoc returned third place.

In Bridge Building, Samantha Yung and Vanna Carlson returned second place.

In Cell Biology, Ganesh Chittari and Timothy Tran returned second place.

In Disease Detectives, Jennifer Ho and Vanna Carlson returned first place.

In Experimental Design, Will Rossiter, Arjun Rajasekaran, and Dat Tran returned first place.

In Fermi Questions, Kevin Wang and Alan Zhang returned first place.

In Fossils, Dat Tran and Will Rossiter returned third place.

And in Game On, Luis Lopez and Logan Sofjan returned second place.