Volunteering to Make a Difference

Volunteering to Make a Difference

Leah George, Contributing Writer

For many students, seeing their efforts create a smile on someone else’s face is all the payment they need. Volunteering for many different organizations enables them to have this experience, along with opening up many opportunities.

“I volunteer almost every weekend through either Key Club or my church,” sophomore Sally Nasrawi said. “Ever since I started volunteering, I’ve been taking things more seriously.”

Not only does volunteering look good to potential colleges, but it is also a character-building experience for many teenagers.

“Volunteering gives me a sense of what’s going on in the community,” sophomore Cameron Daniel said. “It improves my ability to work with different people and helps my work ethic since I’m doing these things for others.”

While taking time out of a busy schedule may be difficult for students, lending a helping hand in the community can be extremely beneficial for both the students and the people getting help.

“All this work has taught me to be myself and to be kind to other people,” Nasrawi said. “I love volunteering and it enables me to show how much I care.”

Students at the school volunteer to build character, add to college resumes, and to earn a service cord by the time they graduate.

Volunteering isn’t just something to put on a college resume, but can improve life skills past schooling.

“I plan to volunteer after college,” freshman Hanna Adamski said. “I would like to keep working at being the most helping and hardworking person I can be.”

Helping the community will build teamwork skills and will be beneficial for one’s occupation and life in the future.

“I don’t believe volunteering is only for teenagers,” Daniel said. “I believe it is something everyone should do for the betterment of the community.”