Freshman Awarded Silver Key in Scholastic Writing

Madaline Cannon, Staff Writer

Sitting down at her desk she picks up her pencil and feels the ideas flowing through her. After hours of writing and editing, she has the perfect story. She submits her story and anxiously waits for the results.

Freshman Chloe Carter has a love for writing. She decided to put her talents to the test when she wrote a three-page short story for the Scholastic Writing competition.

“I write on a regular basis, it’s one of my hobbies,” Carter said. “Whenever there’s a writing competition or a writers club, I try to do it because I write all the time and it’s nice to get recognized for it.”

Carter competed against all schools in Harris County for Scholastic, and her short story was awarded a Silver Key.

“Silver Key is second place,” Carter said.  “There are two winning categories for each writing genre and they judge by grade level.”

Carter had a month to write her winning story, but only needed two days.

“I come up with characters and I go through situations and I wonder how it would affect them,” Carter said. “I came up with two characters that were best friends, and one is taken away.”

The characters in Carter’s story tend to have a pattern, in which they all can relate to most teens today and how they feel.

“My characters tend to be lonely and rely on someone,” Carter said. “Eventually, they find themselves and become more confident.”

Carter wants to continue to write after high school and in college, hoping to become an author.

“I would like to write, but writers don’t make a lot of money,” Carter said. “It may be something I do on the side after I get a job.”

Next year, Carter hopes to go to Nationals.

“I would like to get a Gold Key,” Carter said. “Then I have a chance to win an award at Nationals.”