Student council reveals HOCO spirit days

Student council reveals HOCO spirit days

Audrey Cascarelli, Online Editor-in-Chief

On Monday, student council released the 2018 homecoming spirit days. The schedule is:

Meme Monday – Dress up as your favorite meme, such as bongo cat.
Tacky Tourist Tuesday – Come to school in your cheesiest tourist gear.

Twin/Squad Wednesday – Grab your best friends and correlate your outfits.

Nickelodeon vs. Disney Thursday – Do you have a strong opinion about which channel is the most nostalgic? This is the day to show it off.

Class Colors – Every class has a specific color; listed below:

Freshmen: White

Sophomores: Grey/Silver

Juniors: Navy

Seniors: Neon

Homecoming tickets can be bought online and at lunch, or at the door for a slightly greater cost. The dance, themed “Back to the 80s,” is on October 20.