Scaling the walls of students’ hearts

Brooke Ontiveros, Senior Staff Writer

A soft, sweet homebody who never leaves the confines of her room since the first day of school nips at her favorite raspberry lunch. Lizzie, science teacher Cassondra Bulaclac’s class pet, has resided in room 2306, beloved by her students and otherwise unknown to the general student body.

“Lizzie has a lot of self confidence,” Bulaclac said. “She thinks she’s prettier than other lizards.”

Labeled as a “therapy lizard” by previous classes, Lizzie often captures the attention of all classes taught by Bulaclac, ranging from AP Biology to DC Chemistry.

“They would fight to see who could hold her while taking tests,” Bulaclac said. “But she likes to makes people happy and she loves the attention, so she doesn’t mind.”

Lizzie is a bearded dragon with scales and spikes running vertically down the sides of her back. Her skin feels velvety and loose to the touch.

“She just looks scary,” senior Tiara Tran said.

From an outsider’s perspective, Lizzie’s appearance and her personality do not seem to align.

“She’s like a small child trapped in a scaly body,” Bulaclac said. “She’s very laid back, and she might even get lonely when people don’t give her enough attention.”

Out of Bulaclac’s sixth period AP biology class, only three people said they did not like Lizzie.

“I didn’t like her at first,” senior Claire Christian said. “But after I got peer pressured into holding her, I fell in love.”

Many students believe they have made personal connections with Lizzie.

“I sing to her,” senior Katelyn Phillips said. “And she likes it. She really loves anything classical.”

The general opinion regarding Lizzie is positive, but some hold fears.

“Tiara cannot get five feet near Lizzie,” senior Emily Van Dyke said. “She let Lizzie fall to the ground without attempting to catch her. She actually just ran away and let her fall two feet on her head.”

Typically, students show Lizzie a lot of attention whether by feeding, petting, or talking about her.

“I fed her raspberries the other day,” Christian said. “Her tongue is adorable. We all love her a lot.”