Culinary classes compete in mock food truck contest


Elizabeth Venier, Staff Writer

Culinary classes competed in mock food truck competitions, allowing students to show off their creativity by choosing what to cook with a group and present samples for anyone to taste.

“We also created a menu and a display that we presented to the judges, along with a costed-out recipe for our menu items,” junior Ethan Michael said.

This event occurred  Thursday, Apr. 18, during the last 20 minutes of the class in teacher Ashley Richey’s classroom. Visitors, including a handful of administrators, tried various foods provided by different groups.

“I’m very proud of all of my students,” Richey said. “They were all able to get eight dishes ready for the judges to taste test, just ten minutes before the bell.”

The students enjoyed getting to experience what it would be like to run their own restaurant– in this case, a food truck.

“Culinary students wanted to show what we’ve learned by cooking different kinds of food and to display our own creativity,” junior Trinity Parkman said. “Also, it is so we can see what it would be like to really create our own menu and food truck.”

In culinary classes, students learn how to cook things that they normally might not otherwise, along with techniques used in cooking, about the restaurant industry, setting tables, and proper etiquette in serving people.

“I enjoy having the freedom,” Michael said. “I also find it relaxing to cook. It’s a stress reliever for me.”