Juniors prepare to start college applications

Isaiah Johnson, Staff Writer

All around, juniors and seniors are preparing for their future college and career plans. To many, this seems like a daunting task, but college and career counselor Norma Phelan assures that as long as students keep up with their grades and keep themselves involved, they will be primed for success.

“To succeed academically it is imperative that you take the hardest classes appropriate for your skill level,” Phelan said. “Colleges like students who succeed in AP and DC courses because it shows that you can handle the rigor of a college course.”

Taking AP and DC classes aren’t the only way to get into college. Colleges look for well-rounded students, so participating in extracurriculars and community activities is key.

“Ideally, students should be participating in any college camps available so they can learn more about the major they are interested in,” Phelan said. “Some colleges might offer college credit for attending these camps too.”

A college resume is also important, because is shows a student’s passions and interests to colleges in a more in-depth way than just a plain application.

“On your resume it is good to have one particular passion that you expand on,” Phelan said. “I’ve also seen students with very broad resumes where they jump from topic to topic and they show the college all of your interests.”

If one is having trouble figuring out what they want to major in, they can log onto Naviance through Phelan’s web page. There are many career assessments which can help narrow down some interests.

“Usually you can find me visiting your classes and guiding you through these career assessments,” Phelan said. “Some students can be very confused on what they want to do in the future, so it is ok if you don’t know what you want to major in right now.”

SAT and ACT scores are also a big decision when colleges are choosing students to admit. Studying for these tests are very important and doing well in school doesn’t necessarily mean students will do well on the tests.

“Practice tests are very important, because the SAT and ACT have different formats than your regular school tests,” Phelan said. “Using these different formats frequently will help you  get more used to them and help you score the higher on the tests.”